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Being a family business, we are passionate about what we serve to our customers. Our seafood is always fresh and of the best quality. At Seekombuis we are not in the Food business serving people, we are in the Peoples business creating memories. As our Chef, my son believes that when you eat out of his kitchen, you preserve a memory that will last forever, an experience that you will never forget. As a family we would like to welcome you to the most beautiful place in the West Coast, our beloved Seekombuis

Local is Fresh

The windy West Coast provides pristine cold upwelling currents that create the nutrient rich seascape for the freshest possible ingredients. Sourcing sustainably ensures that our natural resources are protected against over-fishing, and safeguards our seascape, to replenish its population naturaly. Supporting the local fishermen and industries assures that our local businesses retain their livelyhood, and writes a colourful story about this beautiful West Coast, so rich in culture and diversity.


Our produce is carefully selected and purchased by Chef Boeta and his Mom from local fisheries, and sutainable fresh sources.

  • Sea Harvest – Very few restaurants have the privellege to have a fishery like Sea Harvest on their doorstep. We get our fish from the boat to our kitchen, fresh on demand, and therefore we have bragging rights about the freshness of our fish.
  • Mussel Farm – Mussels need to be harvested in an environmental friendly manner, therefore working with our local Mussel Farm in Saldanha, we are able to work with the best quality Black Mussels. We collect them fresh, and prepare them on site.
  • Supporting our local fisheries is our ultimate goal and we understand that every single fish that we buy, will put food on the table somewhere in a local fishermans home.



Sustainably sourced Hake is hand selected from Sea Harvest in Saldanha Bay, then cleaned, descaled and carefully prepared for your enjoyment. 


Our Snoek is locally caught and slowly Oak-Smoked here at Seekombuis.


Our tender Calamari is sourced in the Cape waters, and a popular choice due to the signature mildly sweet, slightly nutty flavour.


Sea Bream is our most common line fish, and can often be found on the dinner tables of our local community. Look out for our Blackboard Specials!



Redolent of the Ocean, Prawns have a sweet, mild taste and tender texture. We grill them to perfection to bring out their natural flavours.


Sustainably farmed plump Black Mussels from Saldanha Bay are a favourite menu item. The nutrient rich waters of the West Coast produce arguably the best mussels in the world.


These buttery, delectable molluscs are meant to be savoured. Enjoy with chilled Champagne for the ultimate celebration!

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Chef Boeta – General Manager

Chrissy – Front of House Manager

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Tietiesbaai, Paternoster

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